Why do we get these IOS 'issues'? This is a very mature operating system with huge engineering resource so why do we get these inconsistencies. This rant may very well turn into a general ignorance issue for me but I'm going to blast it anyway.

I've setting the hostname on a switch OK? No problem. I'm going to type 'host', which is short for hostname. There are no other commands that start 'host' so I'm golden here. There is no problem...

Switch(config)#host DEMO_SWITCH

That worked - we're good. Now lets go onto a router (it's a 2801 in case anyone cares)

Router(config)#host DEMO_ROUTER
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Oh - I'm sorrry what was that? There is a problem? Maybe there is another command in router IOS that starts with 'host'?


So thats a no then. What if I extend 'host' to 'hostn'

Router(config)#hostn DEMO_ROUTER

Right...I'm done :-( I'm guessing that there must be a hidden IOS command in routers that starts with 'host'. I'm sure they'll fix this when they feel like it or maybe it's just my IOS. Or it may even be a now defunct or retired command from the massive history of IOS. I guess someone reading this may know the answer and to them I salute!

Good luck with your studies!

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